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Thank you for visiting my site!My name is Karin Magar and I would like to be your independent agent for Lovable Labels.


As a mom, I understand the frustration that follows when a child loses an item at school.  Like me, you probably dislike replacing items that you already purchased just because it got lost.  Prior to finding Lovable Labels, felt like I was constantly purchasing items that accidentally got forgotten or left behind.


I joined Lovable Labels in 2004 after becoming frustrated with using masking tape and permanent markers to label my daughter’s bottles. I knew there had to be a better way! One day, I stumbled across Lovable Labels through a parenting forum and instantly fell in love with the product! Woo Hoo! No more sticky masking tape residue!


At that time in my life, I was a new stay at home mom looking for something I could do from home to bring in extra income.  On the Lovable Labels website I noticed they were looking for agents to help market their wonderful products.  I was instantly hooked! If I was so excited about these labels, I knew other moms would love them too!  So, I became an agent the same day I ordered my first set of labels.  I didn’t know this then; but, I was the first agent to join the Lovable Labels team in the United States.  How cool is that!?!


I have been an active agent for Lovable Labels for almost 7 years now and have loved every moment of it.  I feel privileged to have joined the company in the early days and be apart of the tremendous growth that Lovable Labels has achieved over the last 7 years.  Despite its tremendous growth, Lovable Labels is still a family oriented business.  On any given day, Laura Porrecca, the founder of Lovable Labels, just might be the one answering the phone – you never know…


I love being an agent for Lovable Labels.  I truly believe in the products and use the labels on a daily basis.  People are always asking me where I got my labels and I am always proud to tell them.


If you have any questions about the Lovable Labels product line, hosting an online party,  fundraising opportunities, becoming an agent, or the affiliate advertisers program,  – feel free to ask!


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Lovable Labels is still growing and is adding new products soon!  Don’t miss out!


Have a “Lovable” day!




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