Which label pack should I get?

Value Comparisons copyCustomers often ask me which value pack would give them the most bang for their buck?  Lovable Labels has several value packs to choose from and it can be a little daunting trying to figure out which would best suit your needs.  So I thought it would be helpful if I compared the different value packs Lovable Labels has to offer.

Here are the value packs available:

Each value pack comes with an assortment of labels and clothing dots.  Check out the chart below!

Comparing Label Packs

In addition to the assorted sticker labels, the Starter Pack also has Iron-on Labels and a Mini Metal Tag.  The Camp and/or Back To School Packs differs from the Starter Pack by NOT including Iron-on Labels but also includes Square Labels and 2 Mini Metal Tags and about 48 more Press n’Stick Clothing Dots.  I hope I am not confusing you with all this….

So, if you are looking for Iron-on Labels – then the Starter Pack is for you!

If you are not looking for No Iron-on’s, but want more clothing dots, more Mini Metal Tags and added Square Labels - the Ultimate Camp Pack &/or Back To School Pack is for you!

BUT, if you are just looking for personalized sticker labels and clothing dots – then The Split Pack might be perfect for you!

I personally think The Split Pack is the best value of all the packs.  With the Spilt Pack you can have 2 names…which means DOUBLE the labels!  So if you have 2 children…this is perfect!

So if you order the split pack you actually get 30 sticker labels, 60 slimline labels, 24 shoe labels, and 48 clothing dots!  WOW!  The one downside to the split pack is that both packs have to have the same design, color and icon.  If you have 2 boys or 2 girls, that isn’t so difficult.  But if you have 1 boy and 1 girl, you may need to choose a more gender neutral color design.  That way your son doesn’t end up with a pink clothing dot on his jacket….just a thought!

Here is the best reason why I think the split pack are the best value - If you have one child, why not get 1 pack in their name and 1 pack with just your last name.  By doing this, you could also use the labels with the last name for some of your household items.

Here is what I do…I have two daughters with “L” names, so I have one pack with “L. Smith” and the other pack with just “Smith”.

I also like to add my cell phone number for easy contact.  Read more about why adding a cell phone number is good HERE.

Or here is a crazy thought…just use 1 name of both packs!  No one says you  can’t do that!  If you did that, you wouldn’t have to buy labels again for a very long time…..

Hope this value pack comparison helps you!  I always want my customers to get the biggest bang for their buck!

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