Personalized Labels Help Me As A Mom

Every mom has been there….we are overloaded with the many things we have to do and take care of as a mom. Our children are constantly handing us stuff to carry or hold for them – sometimes it is just too much. We do as much as we can, but sometimes something gets left behind….thank goodness I label my girls stuff.

Just the other day, I went to the gym and checked my 3 year old into the gym kids center for 2 hours. The weather was nice out side, but my daughter just had to bring her jacket with her. She didn’t need it, but she insisted on bringing it. Sigh….

After a great work out, I picked up my daughter from the gym’s kids center. By this point both my daughter and I had forgotten about the jacket and since it was so nice outside – I never gave it a second thought. So we left the gym and drove away.

About 10 minutes later my cell phone rang…it was the gym’s kid center calling me to let me know that we left the jacket behind! Oh wow! I would have never remembered even leaving it there! Had I not had a press n’ stick clothing dot on the tag the jacket would have been lost forever.

No ironing needed!

No ironing needed!

Now your asking, how did they know to call my cell phone? Well, here is my secret…in every jacket or sweatshirt my children own I have a personalized press n’ stick clothing label with our last name and my cell phone number on the tag. This way anyone who finds one of my daughters items, can call us to let us know where we left it.

It is one thing to label your child’s belongings – that is great! But by adding a phone number to the label increases the chances of the item being returned to you. Having my children’s jackets labeled helps me and my kids from losing items for good!

Have you labeled lately?



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