Household Label Uses…not just kid stuff!

Household Use copyOften people think of our labels as “Just for Kids” with summer camp and back to school being the main use for our labels.  In reality though, Lovable Labels can be used by parents just as much, if not more!

Here are just some of the things I use my personalized labels for….

  • Potluck / Casserole dishes (applied underneath) – I always get my dishes back!
  • Reuseable Water Bottles for the gym - I can’t tell you how many times I left my $7.00 water bottle at the gym!
  • Pool Towels - beneficial when the kids go swimming at someone’s house.
  • Folding Chairs and Tables - Neighbors are always borrowing them…
  • Ice Chests - If you tailgate, others are likely to have the same ice chest.  Make yours stand out!
  • Tennis or racquetball rackets
  • Books, kindles, Ipads, dvd’s...anything that you take out of your house.  Need I say more?

OK – so if I suggest putting a label with your name and phone number on your Kindle or Ipad and you leave it behind at a doctors office or your child’s Karate lessons…I can’t guarantee you that you are going to get it back.  But, I do hope that the good Samaritan that finds it will contact you and return it.  It is worth a shot, isn’t it?

That is just a list of items that I label around my house.  Call me crazy, but I find some peace of mind that my things are not mistaken for someone else’s…. all because I labeled it!

Ready to get some labels for yourself?  Click here and label away!

Have you labeled lately?

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