KID Bands

Waterproof Id BandsKid Bands are an essential safety item for families with young children! These  single-use disposable wristbands are adjustable, water resistant and tear proof. They are perfect to use at the pool, beach, amusement park, or any place where a child might wander away. A must have for travel!  Helpful Use Tip – I love using these when my children go on field trips!  On the band I have both their names listed as well as our cell phone numbers.  On the day of the fieldtrip I cross out the name of the child that IS NOT going on the field trip, allowing only one name to be shown.  This way I can use one set of Kid Bands for both children.

Colors: Available in 10 designs

Features: Disposable, Water Resistant, Tear Proof, Safety,

Quantity: 34 Wristbands per pack

Dimensions: 19.68 cm x 1.49 cm (7.75″ x 0.59″)

Price: $19.95

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