Slimline Sticker Labels

Slimline Sticker LabelsA smaller version of the Sticker Labels is the Slimline Sticker Labels.  These are great for smaller items such as toothbrushes, pens/pencils, hairbrushes, toys, school supplies, electronics, travel items, etc.  I found they are perfect to put on electronic game cartridges and flashdrives too!  Because of the smaller size of these labels, you get more slimline labels in a pack than you do in the regular sticker labels pack.

Colors: Available in 12 designs / colors and 45 Icons

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick

Dimensions: 5cm x 0.7cm (2″ x ¼”)

Quantity: 120 Labels per pack

Price: $19.95

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