Labeling Uses On Summer Vacation

The kids are out of school and we are now looking forward to our annual vacation to the beach.  Every year we go to the beach with several families to celebrate the Fourth of July.  It is so much fun for everyone; but, there is always the case of losing stuff amongst all the stuff everyone brings.  With several families, it is really difficult to know who’s stuff is who’s. 

But thankfully with the help of Lovable Labels, our stuff always makes it’s way back to us.  So as I get ready for our upcoming vacation, I am going through my list of items I need to label. 

Here is what I am labeling for our beach vacation….

Using Sticker Labels (Regular or Slimline) – Sunscreen, bug repellent, reuseable water bottles, ice chests, swim goggles, swim fins, life jackets, suitcases, DVD’s, game cartridges, and anything else I don’t want to lose!

Iron-On Labels - Beach towels!!!!, clothing items

Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS - Swim suits, life jackets, wind breakers, any clothing items I can’t apply an iron-on to.

Shoe Labels - flip flops and tennis shoes

Kid Bands - use on the kids!  Water resistant and tear proof – these are great for days at the beach!

I am sure our vacation will be a fun one!  It is nice knowing that our items can be easily identified as ours and will likely find their way back to us. 

For me Lovable Labels makes my vacation much more enjoyable!

Don’t lose it – Label It!







  1. those are great ideas, i never thought of iron-ons for clothes and towels and stuff.

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