Teacher Gifts from Lovable Labels

This year, give your child’s teacher something they can really use…besides a coffee cup!

Teachers get an assortment of gifts from their students every year.  Make your gift unique with Lovable Labels.

Here are some gift ideas for your child’s teacher:

  • Sampler/Starter Pack - great if you know the teacher has children and know their names.
  • Regular or Slimline Sticker Labels - Put your teachers name on it, so they can label all their personal items they use in the classroom (ie. rulers, staplers, books, videos, etc…) They will never loose a classroom supply again!
  • Ultimate Classroom Bundle - The perfect solution to help teachers label and keep everything organized, from files, bins, supplies, and books.
  • Personalized Note Cards - Great for all the correspondence teachers send home – especially the notes of praise about your child!

Any gift from Lovable Labels is sure to be a gift your child’s teacher has never gotten!



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